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        產品名稱: AMARC
        產品型號: AMARC電加熱器
        產品展商: AMARC
        簡單介紹: AMARC 從1954年開始生產電加熱元件和工業烤箱。AMARC 可以設計和生產的所有類型和尺寸的工業加熱器, 如用于液體,空氣,氣體,固體和加熱機械零件尺寸工業加熱器。


        AMARC 主要產品有:

        AMARC 鼓加熱系統,
        AMARC 加熱柜,
        AMARC 邊鼓加熱器

        AMARC builds heating cabinets that solve drum contained materials heating issues in a clean, safe, reliable and affordable way.
        Functioning versions:
        diathermic oil
        hot water
        Our heating cabinets are built in full respect of present international norms and are therefore CE marked.

        AMARC 工業烤箱
        designs and constructs ovens for various industrials fields:
        Drying ovens
        Polymerization ovens
        Heat treatment ovens
        Heating cabinets for drums and tanks
        Special ovens

        AMARC 電加熱元件:
        Heating elements made of carbon steel, stainless steel, AISI 316, 321, incoloy 800.
        Available with either standard or customized flanges.
        Length: up to 3 metres.
        Working voltage: 110 - 700 Volts.
        Power output: 0,5 - 1000 kW with temperature up to 800 °C.

        AMARC 電管加熱器:
        Installed directly inside the fluid conduits, or mounted on the flange for large diameter pipes, suitable for very high flow rates and low pressure drops.
        Available with smooth elements or with finned elements for increased heat exchange rate.
        Working voltage: 110 - 700 Volts.
        Power output: 0,5 - 1000 kW with temperature up to 800°C.

        AMARC 電動換熱器:
        Fluid dynamic design to meet the customer’s requirements.
        Resolution of high temperature and high pressure problems by means of heat exchanger banks.
        Standard low cost exchangers designed to our specifications.
        Length: up to 9 meters
        Working voltage: 110 - 700 Volts.
        ower output: 0.5 - 3000 kW with temperature up to 800 °C.

        AMARC 圓柱鋁鑄加熱器:
        For all machines in which high precision thermal process control is essential, such as plastic extruders.
        All the cast-in heaters manufactured by  can be constructed:
        in bronze / aluminium
        with / without insulation                                                                                                                               
        with / without cooling fins
        with / without a cooling coil
        Working voltage: 110 - 700 Volts.
        Working temperature:
        up to 350 °C for aluminium, and up to 600 °C for bronze cast-in heaters.
        Enclosure type: IP55, IP65.

        AMARC 薄板鋁鑄加熱器:
        The sheathed heatings elements provide a more uniform surface temperature, better efficiency, longer life and greater safety than those of any other system.
        When cast in aluminium or bronze, in addition to their mechanical characteristics they acquire additional properties of excellent thermal exchange rates and uniformity of heating, making them ideal for the packaging machinery sector.
        Working voltage: 110 - 700 Volts.
        Working temperature: up to 350 °C for aluminium, up to 600 °C for bronze cast-in heaters.
        Enclosures type: IP55, IP65.

        AMARC 電控板 :
        designs and costructs Electrical Control Boards for electrical heaters with the following main features:
        Regulation loop
        External regulation input from PLC/DCS
        With or without air condition
        Static relay (SCR)
        Internal diagnostic
        Alarm interface system
        Test with photo of waveform and reduced load
        Verify of temperature dissipation
        Also for naval use
        Power up to 3000 kW
        Voltage up to 690 V



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